The SMAILIKOF company it is unforgettable Gifts-impressions. It is often  happens, that because of the varieties of gifts, whether it's a birthday, promotion at work or a wedding invitation, an excuse isn’t absolutely important,  eyes are fairly dazzled and it is a hard choice. But everything becomes much easier and more positive with the SMAILIKOF company. Because now you can simply go on the site SMAILIKOV and drift in a chic selection of gifts- impressions on any subject. You will be given the opportunity to select a set of experiences, that you liked the most, then the hero of the event will choose what he likes, and there are no problems with the choice.
A truly strong and professional team SMAILIKOF will help in implementation of any impression. Maybe celebrant always wanted to skydive, and he said once that he wanted to go diving? Now he can choose himself what he really interested in. The SMAILIKOF company created for you and your family a wide range of experience, these are extreme experiences, a variety of spa - programmes, romantic walks and even the shooting of military weapons.

A wide range of collections: extreme, romantic, women’s, children’s, and business, will save you from unnecessary searches.
This business is the first and only one in Cyprus!!!
History: The AGENCY of impressions and gifts was founded in 2015. The team of experts was working on the project. The internet agency is carefully considered from point of usability and online sales, administration and updating prices.

There are not only unique texts and descriptions on the site, also there is an information implementation of some gifts in the form of
landing pages. Every gift has more than three photos of each good, videos, reviews, articles and other unique content.
Website: The Gifts-impressions Agency created on OpenCart CMS, which allows you to:
The site is ready for working on the corporate domain. The agency is located on separate hosting, access to which will be transmitted with the site. Web site design is unique. Mobile version is developed. HTML5 features are taken into account. Ajax loading of the gift list (it means that the number of gifts in the store can be unlimited). The site is in two languages, Russian and English - with instantaneous switching. Store database translated into MSQLi.
On the basis of the Smailikof portal, that you bought, you can deploy an activity in any economically promising country. To one city (more than 1.000.000 inhabitants) for a start, just one manager is enough, who will engage the necessary number of helpers to cooperation, with the development of Smailikof (the vacancy text developed by us is attached).
Live a really bright and saturated life, present yourself and relatives the Gifts-impressions, experiences, and we are ready to accompany you in this endless adventure!
We care about our clients and their families and it is important to make a dream come true and positive emotions for us. Treat yourself and your lovers a Gift-impression, and it will be bright and beautiful moments.
To hold actions, to take into account only the promotional gifts, set a different level of discounts for groups of customers or partners

To check payment history

Set and filter items while searching

To correspond with customers

To integrate the agency in social networks

To notify about orders on email

To acquaint clients with the daily holidays with the help of calendar

To provide the customer with access to the cabinet, where you can see the number of his orders

To provide the partner accounts for partners
Mishael Nikolaevish
Tel.:  357 25025042
4043, Limassol, Cyprus
WHAT GETS the startup buyer - Agency SMAILIKOF:
Сompany Paradigmastar Ltd presents- Business under the key
The AGENCY of impressions and gifts SMAILIKOF
Choosing a gift it is like an archery, brings pleasure if it make a gold.
Most of the companies do not even realize how is profitable the purchasing of startup
What to present?
This question won’t be asked by your clients.
How the project works:
Our calendar of holidays (there is no day without a present):
SMAILIKOF opens unlimited opportunities for business: