Do you need to increase sales of your production?!
Are you looking for efficient solutions to increase sales volume?!
Do you need to raise the demand for the services of your company?!
There is a solution - to advertise on TV TAXI
Advertising on the screens in taxi it is the ease of perception and memorization.
Advertising on the screens in taxi it is a quite productive marketing move. More than 10 000 passengers per day use the taxi it is a solid and payable contingent.

The average time, that passenger spends in a way, is more than 30 minutes, during which a bored customer is looking for what to do.

Due to our variety of entertainment content on the screen, we fully engage his attention during all trip. Give him the bright interesting information with the help of advertising opportunities of our screen.
Advertising in the taxi on the video screens is easily perceived by the human brain and doesn’t cause the feeling of imposition. This is due to the optimal screen size (8 inches) and the distance to it from the eyes of passengers. When the customer sits in passenger compartment, he gets the opportunity to spend time usefully, watching educational videos and your promotional products.

The ordinary leaflets and flyers slowly become obsolete. It is no secret that more often they gather dust in boxes and card holders, and even in the
litter-baskets. Today, the main task of a marketer is a focused influence of advertising on the potential customer.
That way the advertising on the screens in taxi it is a very good solution. The consciousness of person, who gets into taxi, is ready to get new  information and intellectual advertising with geo-targeting system is able to determine the type of information, the most interesting and actual to the particular type of customer.
This advertising carrier is new on the service market and that’s why is attractive for the customer and has a number of advantages:

30 seconds

Infographics or simple clip

Increase of conversion

Increase of sales

30 seconds

Animation of the excellent level

Increase of conversion

Increase of sales

1-3 character/s

author's music

30 seconds

Animation of the top level


Author's music

Promotion advises

Increase of conversion

Increase of sales

Unlimited number of characters
The examples of works
Long-term partnership is the top priority
Our videos will give interesting and accessible, colourful and bright information about your company, product or service.

In just one minute we will convince even the random visitor to become your permanent customer!
Advertising in taxi
All-day reporting to audience

•  Taxi works all day and night.
•  Your advertisement sales twenty-four hours a day.

Contacting of each taxi with more than your 200 potential customers in day!
guaranteed review

The direct contact with the consumer. The passenger one-on-one with the screen
The advertisement massage will be definitely looked through

The number of views per day is more than 20 in one taxi!
Nonstandard and efficiently

The advertisement in taxi doesn’t irritate
•  Attracts by its novelty
•  A positive perception of advertising message

The information remembered better while tripping
The cost of advertising on the screens depend on:

•  Number of showing the video
•  Number of screens (cars)
•  The period of advertising campaign

The video is
up to 30 seconds
It is shown to all clients, who are located in the second row in taxi.
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